It is not just a matter of vanity but more of personal happiness. In the times we live in, the public is more unforgiving when it comes to appearance; hence, it does matter when one has acne especially when that someone is way past the adolescent stage. Acne has always been the concern of many, be it in puberty or people in the second or third decade of life.

There are myriads of things to blame for acne flares. There is stress from school or from work coupled with frequent lack of quality sleep. Hormonal interplay kicking in is the culprit in some women while for men it is the androgen factor. We have heard a lot of acne myths, on how chocolates and greasy food such as fries, burgers, and peanuts, are to blame. Of course, we know that those are fallacies. It is usually related to genes whether we would inherit our ancestors’ predisposition to oiliness, rendering us prone to acne.

Surf the TV. Browse on the internet. Look around your town. Peruse books and magazines. Proactive treatments for acne are everywhere! Good thing there are proactive treatments for acne in various types, forms, and preparation. One can choose from the price range and methods to suit your needs and lifestyle since there are many to choose from.

In dermatology clinics, expensive proactive treatments are available. There are several face masks and peels offered, the goal of which is to remove dead skin cells and to expose the new, radiant skin. By removing the dead skin cells, the pores are de-clogged, relieving the trapped dirt and sebum.

One common proactive treatment that can be bought over the counter is benzoyl peroxide. For the longest time, it has been the basic weapon to combat acne for its anti-inflammatory property. It is also a proven antiseptic with an oxidizing capability, killing acne-causing bacteria. Topically applied benzoyl peroxide causes peeling which removes dead skin cells. Another alternative is retinol or various derivatives of Vitamin A. This proactive treatment may be used topically or may be taken in orally, depending on preparation. Aside from gently exfoliating the skin, it also reduces fine wrinkle lines and lightens skin discolorations. Caution for either proactive treatment: sun block should be used at all times while under the said regimen because it increases skin sensitivity to sunlight. Drying is also commonly seen which could readily be remedied by using oil-free moisturizer.

In any case, acne should no longer be a most dreaded problem. Proactive treatments are everywhere. It’s up to you to discover them.

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