The flu or influenza is a virus that attacks the respiratory system. It is especially harmful to children, senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems. Since it is a virus it cannot be cured but its symptoms can be treated to provide much needed relief.


1. One way to get rid of the flu is to prevent it from happening in the first place. There are vaccines or flu shots for many strains of the influenza virus. Getting a flu shot especially before flu season starts will prevent you from getting certain flu viruses.

2. Anti-virals help in preventing the spread of the flu virus around the body. They prevent the flu virus from spreading to neighboring cells, this sequesters the flu to only a small group of cells and as a result relives the symptoms of it.

3. A balanced diet consisting if many citrus fruits is good for getting rid of the flu. Citrus fruits provide a lot vitamin C which helps in fighting against the flu symptoms. While the virus has to run its course symptom relief goes a long way in getting rid of the flu.

4. Exercise is important because it raises body temperature. Raising body temperature stimulates the immune response in the body to attack foreign agent such as the flu virus.

5. Drinking plenty of fluids keeps you hydrated. This better equips you to manage the flu as hydrating relieves symptoms such as headaches.

6. Stress management and sleep play very important roles in preventing and getting rid of the flu. Managing your stress in a healthy does not compromise your immune system. A strong immune system will both prevent you from getting the flu or even if you contract it your immune system will be better prepared to handle the flu. Sleep is necessary in rejuvenation of the body tissues, this makes you better equipped to deal with flu symptoms.

7. During flu season it is always best to avoid large gatherings. The flu can easily be spread during this time in crowded areas. When accessing public areas always be sure to sanitize your hands and ensure that your hands are kept from touching your face until they are thoroughly washed.

8. Many supplements exist for flu management; vitamin C relieves flu symptoms and provides quick termination of the flu because of the elimination of the symptoms. Echinacea is an immune system stimulant. Taking Echinacea boosts the immune system helping you to fight of any infections such as flu iruses and symptoms.

9. Avoid taking aspirin. Aspirin is contraindicated in the flu and may causes Reyes syndrome which will further complicate your problem.

Peter is a nose surgeon and he loves to write articles on sinus remedy.

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