How Many Pictures Does the Average Wedding Photographer Take?

A wedding is obviously one of the most special occasions that can happen in any person’s lifetime. There is something special and hopeful about a wedding: everyone is dressed up probably nearly as nice as they have ever been, everyone is in a good mood, and if you are at a wedding odds are you know the people who are madly in love and willing to share the rest of their lives together. That is why the wedding is the perfect place for photos to be taken. And, that is why there are professional photographers who specialize specifically in weddings and similar events.

A wedding can be pretty tough to shoot from the photographer’s perspective because there is so much going on. There are a ton of people all doing different things: talking, eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, smiling, walking, sitting, etc. That is can be overwhelming. Also, there are expectations put onto a wedding photographer in which they are expected to capture all the magic that happens at the wedding in one fell swoop. The pictures are expected to be of the highest quality and the mood and spirit of the occasion is expected to transfer through the photos. But, that is just how it is and that is why wedding photographers tend to get paid quite a pretty penny for photo work. Yet, one thing is for sure, most wedding photographers (although they may enjoy it a lot) are not entirely in it for the fun or for the sake of their art. Instead they may be in it for the shear challenge that it presents as well as the huge amounts of stress that it can place upon their shoulders at any given minute. But, that is also why it tends to be a good idea to have two wedding photographers present at a wedding (unless it is, of course, a very small affair in the first place – then one should be fine.)

How Many Pictures Should A Wedding Photographer Take?

This is an interesting question because there is not really any right or wrong answer to it. In the end, it really all depends on the photographer and how comfortable the photographer is with the pictures they are taken and their overall skill in their craft.

For some the number can literally reach into the thousands. At first, that sounds pretty extreme- especially since only a few hundred of them at most will be used by the wedding party. Most people tend to not want thousands and thousands of photos.

A more reasonable number seems to be in the 300-500 range. According to many photographer forums and wedding photographer-related articles, this seems to be the agreed upon average range for most of them. They then tend to edit those down to the 250 or so best pictures that they took.

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