Motorola phones with Really Weird Design Concepts

In today’s time smartphones are quite generic- a large touch screen, smooth finish and rectangular in shape which is easy on the hands. However, a few years back a company Motorola was still trying to hit its stride by offering something different, and would go a little off path and come up with plain weird designs that were hard to digest. Thankfully, the designs to phones are a lot more thought out now and you can get yourself a beautiful and sleep phone with flipkart coupons , but sadly things didn’t look too pretty some years back!

Check out these oddly shaped Motorola phones that made absolutely little or no sense but we still desired to own them none the less:

Motorola V100

The Motorola V100 did a good job of looking like a toy phone with a plastic like body and a QWERTY keyboard. It had a monochromatic display but one couldn’t help but take this phone too seriously as all one could think was those toy phones that played jarring music at the drop of a hat. Thankfully 14 years later Motorola is coming up with some killer phones to make up for this glaring mistake!

Motorola V70

The Motorola V70 was surely one of the jazziest phones we saw and back in the hay day was quite a desired phone but it’s still one of the weirdest Motorola phones out there. The phone had a swivelling body to display the dial pad which was quite a cool feature but the display was pretty ordinary and the circular dial didn’t make matters better.

Motorola Clutch i465

Motorola Clutch may have sounded fancy but looked nothing like it sounded. It had quite a huge body but the overall design of the phone is quite clumsy. It offered a mere 1.8 inch screen which sounds pretty sound compared to the fabulous 5 inch screens we’re used to now. You can easily get your hands on the latest Motorola models with snapdeal coupons which are way more sophisticated; thankfully the company has come a long way. It had a full QWERTY keypad no doubt but the phone was just a plain no no as far as the design went.

Motorola Ming

Motorola Ming was another unusual dove in the basket of oddly shaped phones. It offered a regular touch screen but what was bothersome about these models was its transparent flip cover which begged the question as to why they were installed in the first place. It seems that Motorola has finally moved ahead and adopted the Gorilla Glass Protection instead making them much more user friendly.


The Motojewel was quite a pretty phone but a failed attempt at trying to make the phone look like a prized possession doing little to make any difference to its tacky design. The makers tried very hard to make the phone look like a jewel but the phone had little to offer in terms of use and utility with just a 2 inch screen. Poor Motorola really tried back in the day to look like the cool kid on the block!

Motorola FLIPOUT

Motorola wasn’t joking when they named their phone FLIPOUT. This phone was something similar to Nokia and could twist and turn at various angles. The phone had a 2.8 touch screen and a tiny QWERTY keyboard which could have been easier to use if the design was a little more thought out. All in all, another wannabe addition to the cool phones!
All said and done, Motorola always strived to bring its audience something new and exciting and this is the exact spirit which has helped it Motorola establish its dominance in the market!

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