Smartphone Apps: Works as a personal dietician

Gone are the days, when people use to waste loads of time in making dietary routines for keeping themselves fit or just for losing some weight. With Smartphone app development, now going on a diet is an easy job. There are many Smartphone apps which provide great plans and tell to manage the diet for remaining healthy and fit. You can scan the food items for getting its nutrient value, some of the apps are designed in a way that they provide all the details for better knowledge. Here are some of the best ways to maintain a particular diet by using the Smartphone apps:


Mobile App Testing Is Essential For Better Performance & Revenue

The beauty of mobile apps is that it is easy to add value to them with real-time monitoring, rich media, and other features. But this flexibility also creates new responsibilities for testing the performance of applications in real-world situations.


7 Must Have Mobile Apps That’ll Optimize The Heck Out Of Your Smartphones

Gone are the days when cell phones are only used for making calls and sending messages. From entertainment to file management, today’s cell phones contain a slew of applications that can boost its performance and functions. In this guide, we’ll feature the 7 best mobile apps that optimize the functions of your smartphone.

There are millions of people worldwide who are now using smartphones. However, only a few of them know how to maximize their device’s full potential. For the most part, smartphone users are contented with their phone’s superior touch screen, Wi-fi access, high-resolution camera and music playback features.

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Stay Connected With Your Friends on Social Media Sites With the Help of Your Smartphone

There is no doubt about the fact that today’s youth is mostly into using social networking websites in order to maintain contact with kith and kin. Social networking websites have gained all the more popularity because of smartphones and mobile internet. With the help of smartphones, one can directly launch social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut and twitter without facing any hassle. The smartphones come equipped with special inbuilt Facebook, Twitter and Orkut apps which directly open the websites without any requirement to launch them through the URL of the phone. Any notification which shall be received in the account of the social networking website will be communicated through text messages. One can relish instant chatting over the smartphone by downloading some instant chatting apps like ebuddy. Such apps help one to reply with the speed of PC and laptops.

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That Escalated Quickly: Nokia’s new Lumia breaks records in megapixels

Nokia has long been one of the most well-respected names in business phone. While they may not have the global market shares that Apple and Samsung can brag about, there’s no doubt that Nokia holds its own in the smartphone market, which have been enjoying great fame in its reliability, affordability, and its highly impressive features.

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Previous Flagship Phones are the Best Midrange Phones

There are already countless articles about the best flagship phones in the market including the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, and HTC One, but let us face it; not all of us can afford those phones. Not that we don’t have the money, but we just think that a good midrange phone will suffice with our needs. After all, we can live without the latest graphics and 720p displays were great just about a year ago.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom a Viable Product?

There was some debate on the merits of Samsung’s latest announced product, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the moment people got word that the Korean manufacturer was going for a smaller, telephony-capable variant of its much-maligned Galaxy Camera. Branding issues, aesthetic concerns, and speculation over the device’s actual utility are all part of the discussion. It’s a confusing product, no doubt about it, and the future doesn’t look good for this ambitious cameraphone.

Cameraphones are things of the past

Cameraphones used to be a valid segment in the mobile phone market, back when do-it-all smartphones weren’t the norm and feature phones ruled the day. Sony, then known as Sony Ericsson, really hit the cameraphone concept right out of the ballpark with CyberShot-branded phones that looked good, were pocketable, and had decent camera sensors for superb photography.

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The New iPhone 4 Specifications

There have been many changes in the mobile phone industry and compact devices in the recent years. The iPhone has been the real flag holder in this campaign. You would surely know that the Apple created the iPhone and creating new versions of it since 2005. they have been bringing out different versions of the iPhone  in the recent years. The iphones habe been released with a short time inervals. This is done so that they can peak the interest of  the iPhone. However as per the expectations, The mobile giant apple has been making preety awesome technology while going the of their latest technologies is the Aplle iPhone 4. this phone is full of surprice.

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From 99 to 0.99: Is the Facebook Phone more attractive now?

new FB-centric UI, Facebook Home. But now, the HTC First got a considerable price drop; from $99, it was lowered to $0.99—almost free with an AT&T contract. If this was any indicator of the product’s market performance, we could easily assume that this Facebook phone flopped, and the price drop is the only way for HTC and for AT&T to cut their losses.

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LG Optimus L3: Product Review

LG Optimus L3

If you’re in search for a quality yet affordable smartphone to be used primarily in your business, you may want to consider getting an Android phone. Android operating system is not only the mainstream today, it is also the top choice of most business entrepreneurs as it offers a number of Google services for free, as well as a plethora of downloadable applications that can be very useful and beneficial in the business.

Design and Display

The LG Optimus L3 flaunts a unique, square-edge design. The unit’s body is surrounded by metallic strip, which makes it more sleek and sophisticated. It has dimensions of 102.6 mm x 61.6 mm x 11.85 mm, and a weight of 110 grams. Needless to say, it is slim and lightweight, giving you a much easier grip. The front features an average screen and just underneath it is a single button for home. You can find the 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as the power/lock button on top of the unit. The base on the other hand houses the micro USB port. The volume rocker is situated on the left-hand side, while the opposite side is bare.

This handset features a pretty average, 3.2-inch TFT LCD with a mediocre resolution at 240 x 320 pixels. Sure, it may not be the sharpest and brightest screen out there, but it does manage to display readable text, and vibrant images. But, as you would expect, it doesn’t have an excellent viewing angles, and color contrast.


If you’re a photo or camera aficionado, this smartphone may not be the right one for you. The rear camera is stuck at 3 megapixel sensor, so photo quality isn’t really impressive. More so, it isn’t armed with an LED flash, so you’ll get nothing but dark, grainy, with visible noise shots when shooting at low-light conditions.

This average snapper does have a handful of basic scene modes, which you can use if you feel like making your shots more dramatic. It can also record videos at 640 x 480p, 24 frames per second. However, it doesn’t feature a secondary camera, so video chat isn’t possible.


The LG Optimus L3 features the LG SmartWorld, an app market that offers a variety of applications exclusive to all LG mobile users. Since this handset runs the Android Gingerbread operating system, you’ll get to enjoy myriad of apps that can be purchased or downloaded for free. This gives you the opportunity to install a number of apps that can be very useful in your business, especially if you’re going to use this handset mainly for business purposes.


Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS, and USB 2.0, are just some of the connectivity options offered by the LG Optimus L3, which keep you connected to your employees and clients. This is quite ideal for all businessmen. If you want to make the most of it, you may also consider visiting the official websites of some trusted service providers and check some of their services that may suit to your business needs.

RingCentral voicemail number

is just an example of the many services that most businessmen avail.

Pros and Cons


  • Slim and compact.
  • Easy to use Android platform.
  • Excellent battery performance.


  • Low-resolution screen.
  • Mediocre digital camera.
  • It isn’t capable of recording videos in high definition.

Suffice it to say, the LG Optimus L3 is an entry-level Android phone ideal for those who want an average smartphone. With its nifty design, sufficient internal storage, and long lasting battery, it is indeed a great choice to consider.