People are opening businesses everywhere and in our modern world, so many people have affiliations to the social media and social networks. People are now chatting, following and linking themselves with people who are a day away from where they duly reside or operate their forms of businesses. Using the media platform, you post pictures, follow friends and also link with some of them whiles also using this platform to engage in unnecessary and unbeneficial things. This same way of connecting with friends can transform from being a casual encounter to being a lucrative marketing tool. You can use the platform to market and advertise your various goods, projects and brands. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are social media platforms that can be used to help market your products because of its features. Due to their high numbers of users, they would help increase your returns without you knowing it.

Using Twitter For Advertisement

Twitter. Twitter is a social media platform that helps individuals, firms and business organizations connect with each other. Twitter makes it possible for an account holder to follow and be followed. Personalities who are far away from us in our personal lives and status in the form of musicians, sportsmen and movie stars can all be followed on this platform. For individuals who want to use this platform for online marketing and advertisement, should copy and paste their links into their various profiles. The process used in doing this is tweeting. Tweet the links to your various URL’s of your projects and it would be visible to all your followers. Many of the followers who shares interest in the keywords of your tweets would open your link and view your pages as well as your contents. Firms and business organizations who wants to engage in online marketing and advertisement using this platform should tweet their products, brands and services and also provide a link to those services. Post tweets about your upcoming events, where and when it would be held and from there, what next? This would help individuals who like your brand, products and services to be updated on the current services that are being given out by their clients. It improves the number of customers and most importantly, there is an enormous sales increase.

Linkedin Helps Increase Earnings

This is also another social media platform where individuals, firms and entrepreneurs connect on the latest of activities with friends, family and most especially entrepreneurs. It helps you quickly grow your professional network. People who fall into your connection could be invited to read your content and share them as well. This improves and enhances the expansion of your professional network and increases the traffics to your column, thereby enabling you to double your returns and earnings in a galloping basis.

Increase Earnings Using Facebook

Facebook is another platform which helps connect old friends and people who are hoping to meet new friends. With their large fan base and millions amounts of users, this platform would help attract more viewers to your content. You can post your URL’s into your status and also in the various walls of your friends. Posts on walls are public and therefore their friends who are anonymous to you may also click on the link if it falls under the topics that duly attract their attention. Facebook also helps writers improve on their writing through reviews and comments in the form of constructive criticisms. It raises amount of traffic and also your online earnings.

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