Many questions have been raised on how to increase the earnings an individual derives from the internet. So many answers have been given by different experts from the field, amongst others; providing good quality content, providing well – prepared content and also contents that have been well – structured and arranged. But the question that has been mostly raised is how social media platforms can help increase earnings and returns on investments. Yes, it is true, social media provide platforms and numerous opportunities that help writers, firms, organizations and businesses to expand their various associations through marketing and advertisements.

Using Twitter To Increase Your Earnings

Twitter is a social media platform that helps people connect with peers, families and various organizations. They also help people get into with people who are far apart from us with respect to class and status. Influential and elite personalities are amongst the people who can be followed. Individuals who want to advertise and market their articles and contents on their various blogs should just tweet the links of their various URL’s to their profiles to help them generate more viewership and readers. Firms and companies can also follow and be followed. Post your current brands, products and goods in your business profiles as tweets. This help followers gain much insight about the product and service being offered to the general public. They have also opened up its analytics platform which gives everyone access to in – depth data about the people and brands that follow them, as well as the performance of their recent tweets. This helps in monitoring, analyzing and also assessing.

Tweet More Links To Contents Url’s

Therefore, a content writer should tweet as many URL’s as possible, all with the good quality contents which would be able to catch the much needed attention of their followers to enable them to get the time, energy and patience to open their content, read it to their fullest of their satisfaction and also upon being satisfies at that particular moment retweet the links of the various URL’s to their friends, colleagues and family members who might need the article to enable them have a revolution or a resurgence in their various lives. Some important personalities might even be following you and monitoring you without your knowing it.

Twitters New Analytic Platform

Twitter has also opened up another interesting feature called the Analytics Platform. This helps and enables everyone to access in-depth data and information about the people and brands who duly follow them and also check and view their recent most important tweets. This enables content writers to get the chance to see all the people who opened, read and retweeted their articles. It also helps writers to improve on the quality of their content to meet the huge numbers of followers. It helps and improves on the traffic to your various articles and also the returns on investment.

Linking To Increase Returns ThroughLinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a media platform that enables firms, individuals and organizations connect with each other. They also help individuals and firms improve their professional network. They invite each other to view their current projects and works and also share them with friends who also go on to share the information with their various connections on other platforms.

Improving Earnings Through Facebook

Facebook also helps increase earnings. Individuals in the form of writers can post their URL links into their various statuses and also on the walls of their various friends. Firms and business organizations should also create profiles on facebook and upload photos that are clear and also original which can engage users and also reflect on all the various descriptions of the company. Employees under these firms can also tag various friends with these brand photos. These photos appear in the notifications area of employee’s friends’ profiles as prompts and also reflect on their friend’sprofiles that are anonymous to you. They take it from there and discuss with other friends. With the launch of the facebook clickable hashtags, individuals, firms and various organizations would be able to see a feed of what other pages and people have been saying about their various projects, brands, goods and services. Social media help generate lots of traffic to individual’s content and also help put firms, companies and business organizations on top using advertisement.

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