Squarespace is a famous platform that permits you to create a modern, expert and mobile friendly website.
Templates are the foundation of Squarespace, and they’re a piece like a one-of-a-kind “skins” in your internet site. the use of a template manner you may effortlessly alternate the look and sense of your website online without changing the content.

Breathe. It’s all satisfactory:
Luckily, Squarespace is bendy, which means you may without problems transfer templates. for instance, in case you already started out on one that isn’t pretty tickling your fancy, you could trade to an exclusive one by means of going to design > templates in the admin panel.
Appearance beyond Squarespace’s instance content and fashion:
Confession: I’m a template spotter. I love geeking out by looking to exercise session which template has been used after I realise a Squarespace internet site. one component I’ve noticed is what number of eating places use the Pacific template. that’s the only with the restaurant as its example content.
squarespace corporations its templates by using the form of enterprise or internet site you’re developing, however regularly those templates might not have the functionality that you want.
Meet the family:
Squarespace templates are in “families.” this indicates there are successfully best 22 templates to pick from; Squarespace simply showcases how they may be used and styled in a different way through consisting of plenty of versions.
after you’ve narrowed down your alternatives, it’s time to think about the maximum critical capabilities you might need (or want) to your website. 
It’s really worth bringing up that, due to the fact Squarespace is a template-primarily based website, you may not be able to discover the precise combination of functions that you want (the alternate off for that is that it’s a great deal cheaper than paying someone to create a custom website for you). So, attention to what you actually need as a priority.
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