One of the worst things that anyone can encounter is to get scammed by a well reputed company that deals in different types of software. We have heard about larger companies scamming their consumers in the following ways:

  • Charging customers extra than advertised price.
  • Hidden Charges.
  • Charges an undefined fee after sometime.
  • Does not actually offer what it claims.
  • Doesn’t work with the defined models.

But Net Qin, which is a internet security system provider company that targets cellular phones comes up with a whole new level of scam that most of us cannot even think of, as Net Qin installs viruses and malwares in your cellular phone and ask you whether you want to remove it in exchange of a very small fee.

Net Qin is basically a malware detector and is a Chinese company that secretly installs malware in your cellular phone and asks you whether you want to remove it just by paying 30 cents. Of course each and every one of us wants our cellular phones to be free from every kind of Malware and viruses, so that our data remains intact in a long run, and as it is just 30 cents so people won’t mind paying for that. Besides that, it not only installs malware into your mobile device, but it also removes other antivirus programs from your cellular phone, so that they can scam you and take your money away without any kind of doubt, which is surely the worst type of scam that anyone can do, as the company was literally playing with the emotions of people on this and continue to scam them and making thousands of dollars.

Action of Chinese Carriers:

After knowing all that, all the major Chinese Carriers have block the services of Net Qin, so that they won’t be able to sell their application from any of the app store and they won’t be able to scam them anymore! This is surely huge, as Net Qin is know on verge of being shutdown as it is expected that a good number of law suits are coming their way and they are surely going to be penalized for millions for this scam that they have been carrying out for years.

Reaction of Net Qin:

Net Qin has strongly responded to all this, and they claim that it is nothing more than an allegation and its all the work of their competitors who are not willing to let their company thrive with their extra ordinary services.

Besides that, they have also published a formal note in which they deny all such accusations, and have strongly said that they won’t go against the industrial rules and regulations and have also sent a welcome not to any 3rd party auditing company to audit their products.

Another thing, which most people haven’t consider is that it might have happened due to any glitch in the system of Net Qin which might be temporary, as this thing should also be seen as an exception, as this might not be the fault of company as well.

Author Bio: Maria is a 20 years old part time blogger. She is extremely passionate about bester virenscanner 2013 and loves to write Reviews on everything that interests her.