After the home, the largest investment that most people will ever make is in their vehicles, but many people do not think about giving their vehicle the most basic level of protection. A vehicle that sits out in the elements will become damaged by the rain and the hail, the paint will fade prematurely, and the vehicle owner will receive less value for their vehicle when they look to sell. To prevent these things from happening, a homeowner should make sure that they have a garage and they are using it to keep their vehicle safe. If the homeowner needs to have a garage built, there are three things that they need to keep in mind.


One of the things that homeowners learn very quickly is that their belongings will expand to fill whatever space they have available. The more space they have, the more their belongings will seem to spread. This makes size a serious factor in purchasing a garage. A one car garage is usually just big enough for a single car, without much space left over for tools or other equipment. The same thing is true for a two car garage, where there is little space available outside of the two spaces for cars. One of the best things that homeowners can do is buy a garage one size larger than they think they need, otherwise they will just end up with another place to store junk and no place to park the car.


Since the chief purpose of the garage is to protect vehicles from the elements, it is important that the garage itself be able to stand up to the weather. A good garage will be able to stand up to strong winds and will have a solid roof that will keep hail from damaging the interior of the building. It should also be constructed of materials that will not need constant maintenance. The shingles should not peel up at the first strong wind, and the garage should look good in the yard. Many of the modern garages can be built with vinyl siding so they do not need to be repainted as often as other garages, and this makes them more durable in the long-run.


Finally, homeowners need to consider the cost of the garage. While it is usually desirable to have the garage attach to the home, it is much more costly than a free standing garage. An attached garage requires cutting into the exterior of the home to make a door that opens into the garage, and this is a very expensive process. Connected garages also require a little extra construction to ensure they meet some municipal building codes. Free standing garages do not look as nice, and they are not as durable as connected garages, but they are usually thousands of dollars cheaper. Families that are on a budget should consider getting a free standing garage to meet their garage needs.

Homeowners will find that a garage is a great way to protect the investment that they have made in their vehicles. Without a garage, homeowners run the risk that hail, wind and rain will damage their vehicle and dramatically reduce the value of that vehicle. Though insurance will cover the damage, most of the time, a garage is a better long-term investment.


I am Sheila Longfellow, and I have been an insurance adjustor for nearly thirty years. I wrote this article because I have seen rates skyrocket after a large hailstorm because people were making claims on their insurance for damage that could have been prevented if the vehicle was in a garage. I hope that people will understand the need for a garage, and hire garage builders to protect their valuable assets. In Pennsylvania the garage builders I recommend are Quarry View Construction at