Do you want to edit photos but are not expert at using photo editing software? No need to worry as you has many free online photo editing sites at your aid that can be used to edit photos online and add wonderful effects to your normal photos. These sites promote easy to understand and user friendly applications while keeping each application entirely unique from elsewhere. Therefore, if you want to edit your photos online, pick one of the photo editing sites online and add amazing effects to your photos. Here we list out the top 10 best free online photo editing websites to choose from.

1. BeFunky

Sometimes, you may want to add an additional special look to your photos using a photo editor. You can get special look effects at BeFunky. The site offers photo editors with interesting effects that you can choose from. It is rich with all the goodness that you want and also include tons of effects that you will find only here. If you love unicorns, then the site has a goodies section in the photo editor to put amazing look to your pictures. You can give some right border bling to your photos using effects at BeFunky. The site is covered with a lot of frames that can be used for your photos.

2. picMonkey

This is another online photo editor saying ‘Booyah’! to your innovative ideas. It includes both basic editing and advanced stuffs such as touch-up, cloning and eye-gasmic effects. It has great overlays, frames and textures, and is more powerful, faster and easier to use. This application would be the real deal you know and is 78% more monkey.

3. iPiccy

This online free photo editing site makes your picture beautiful with lots of easy to use photo tools. Apply awesome photo effects, edit photos, add text and paint as well. You will enjoy free photo editing online and convey your creativity with iPiccy editor. So, start editing free and the site does not ask registration.

4. Pixlr

This is the most popular and preferred online photo editor all over the world. This photo editor online edit, filter and adjust your photos. You don’t need to register at the site to use the applications.

5. Phixr

This is a free online photo editing tool that lets you edit your pictures in your web browser. This is why Phixr is the perfect photo solution for school, internet cafes, office or school computers on which no photo editing tool is installed. Imagine that you are traveling and capturing many photos. Ypi can share the photos with family and friends back home. This photo editor is a handier site that allows you store and correct photos.  With all basic and advanced editing features, Phixr lets you add text, add speech-bubbles and sharpen the photos. The site also offers some fun filled applications such as back-and-white or heatmapped, etc. It also includes an undo option for those not so-good moments. Hence, it makes web photo editing very easy.

6. dr.Pic

You are allowed to crop, add text, resize add effects and host your photos with this photo editing site online. You can resize photos before publishing them on Xanga, mySpace, Facebook and blog. PicResize is one of the most popular online photo editing tools available at dr.Pic at free of cost. This tool has been launched during 2005 and is an easy to use application that has resized around 5 million photos till this time. During 2008, the advanced version of PicResize, 3.0 was renamed as

7. piZap

This is a fun and easy to use photo editing site featuring awesome collages, photo effects, one click effects, photo stickers, etc for your digital pictures. You can use this tool on Facebook; edit your Facebook images and timeline cover picture. This site has been developed as a tool for social networking sites at first in order to post their photos to their favorite social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Orkut, hi5, and many others.

This site offers a very easy to use photo editing application through which you can add photo effects, many real colorful stickers, custom text, complete painting program, speech bubbles, etc. It has in-built tools for downloading your photo, sending e-cards, sharing the link directly to your photo and embedding your photo in any website.

8. LunaPic

This open image online photo editor lets ou edit pictures for Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. It offers paint, photo and liquid effects and has Lunapics image software free image manipulation. It lets you create animated Gif and comes with free and easy to use photo effects.

9. Picture2Life

It does what its name says! Yes, it brings life to your pictures. You can edit your photos, make animations or collages and moreover, share your photos with family and friends. This is a great, free, easy to use and simple online image editor allowing you to make animated Gif’s or collages. This application works great with your photos that are already online. Moreover, it includes all photo sharing, blogging or hosting websites such as Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, ImageShack, Hi5, Friendster, FotoLog, Blogger, Facebook, WordPress and much more. You are allowed to upload photos from your system or mobile if you want.

10. Splashup

This is a fun and normal image editing site that comes with full-featured and free range attributes. You can make new photos, edit current ones and manipulate layers with filters, and much more. It has many amazing layer effects and other image editing and drawing tools. Splashup is a great editing tool as well as photo manager and was previously called as Fauxto. With many advanced features, this photo editing site is being used by professionals as well as novices because it is an easy to use tool. This works in real time manner and let you edit many photos at a time. It works in all browsers and integrates in a seamless manner with most popular photo sharing sites. Moreover, it has own file format and hence, you can save your effort in progress.

Author bio: David runs a team of Graphic designers, photo shop experts and developers who love to work in a creative field online. He has also worked for numerous websites and clients. One may read his personal blog about photography where he also lists the best free online photo editing websites that can help the users.