When the question of maintenance in terms of electric cars arises, there is no doubt about the fact that only the most minimum efforts need to be directed to keep your electric car in good shape. This can be considered as one of its most alluring features that car owners can benefit from. However, you must realize that there is a stark difference between an electric car and its hybrid counterparts. While an electric car boasts of the least amount of maintenance, your experience with a hybrid car in terms of maintenance can be quite the opposite. Therefore, before you opt for the St. Louis instant car credit, you need to weigh your options in terms of the maintenance involved for green cars, including electric and hybrid ones. Given below are some simple maintenance tips that are very common in case of electric and hybrid cars, which will give you a fair idea as to what you can expect from your electric or hybrid cars on the maintenance front.

  1. Keeping tabs on the tire from time to time:

    It does not matter whether you own a green car or the usual petrol/diesel driven car, you must always keep an eye out on the tire to ensure its health from time to time. If replacement is required, the needful should be done immediately. It is the tire pressure that is of key importance as it ensures the smooth working of the car on roadways. Besides, hybrid cars benefit from a good tire pressure in the form of better mileage. Replacing the tires from time to time is very crucial. One of the ways of replacing the tires is its regular rotation. Besides, keeping tabs on the health of the spare tires is a must as well.

  2. Checking the brushes for replacement:

    When it comes to electric cars, the brushes also play a vital role. Regular wear and tear will cause these brushes on the motor to lose their functionality and therefore, you will be required to replace these brushes. However, one of the best things about using electric cars is that these brushes work faultlessly for nearly 80,000 miles before giving up.

  3. Understanding the battery:

    Battery is to an electric car what petrol is to a normal one. Just as you need to keep checking the quantity of petrol from time to time to ensure that your car runs smoothly without any glitches, you need to perform the same activity with your electric car too, albeit in the form of batteries. In terms of both the electric car and its hybrid counterparts, the battery plays a massive role. Strictly speaking in terms of an electric car, it will essentially be rendered useless in the absence of the battery. Therefore, monthly supervision of the batteries is a must. You need to check the terminals of the battery for any signs of corrosion. Keeping tabs on the connections is also a must. The water level can easily dwindle without warning and therefore, you need to keep checking it from time to time and fill it if the need arises.

  4. Changing the brakes:

    This stands true for every type of car that runs on the roads. You need to make sure that you perform regular checks on the brakes at least every 20, 000 miles if not more. Usually, 40, 000 miles is the benchmark for brake shoe replacement, however, it is always best to stay on the safer side.

Therefore, when you choose to pay for your car with the help of St. Louis instant car credit, these maintenance tips will always come handy.

Author’s bio:
Travis Selby is the owner of a well known car dealership and also partners with St. Louis instant car credit programs. He has a professional background in business management and marketing and was also a state level basketball player.