Not many people know that off the Hayle coast in Cornwall, there is a testing facility called Wave Hub, which has been used for a few years now to determine how to best use the power of waves to produce electricity. This is relatively new technology, and the power of waves is arguably one the last unexplored frontiers for renewable energy. However, our modern technology continues to increase at an ever-increasing pace across almost all sectors of modern business, and wave technology is no exception. The good news for Cornwall is that a wave energy company called Seatricity has decided to develop an offshore array at Wave Hub to begin producing electricity in the very near future.

The Future of Renewables?

Seatricity uses a patented design to harness the power of waves to produce abundant supplies of electric energy. They call it Oceanus, and while Oceanus 1, the first prototype, has been successfully tested in Scotland, the second generation, aptly named Oceanus 2, will be deployed off the coast of Hayle. The first test instalments at Wave Hub are expected to produce about 10 megawatts of electric power. For most of us, that is just a number, which is difficult to relate to. But 10 megawatts should be enough to power up to 10,000 homes, which is not an insignificant number. While some other forms of renewable energy production, such as wind turbines, often face opposition from local residents due to their enormous size, wave technology is basically submerged. You don’t see it, but it is quietly working away to produce electricity.

How It Works

In reality, the concept is quite simple. The Seatricity model involves an aluminium float that is tethered to the ocean floor. The float moves up and down along with the waves, pressurising seawater, which drives a hydroelectric turbine that then produces the necessary electricity. The good news for the Cornwall region is the fact that Seatricity is planning on using local providers for most of this operation. This will involve many different aspects of the Cornwall supply chain, providing additional jobs and profits for local businesses. Within a year or so, the initial instalment should be fully operational, with several more planned for the Wave Hub facility.

The Secret to Being Found

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