If you are even thinking to go online via some public network without any kind of encryption, proxy or VPN than you are surely going to make a wrong decision, and this is because public networks are known to be the play ground of the hackers, who are just waiting to drag a user down who is not using any kind of encryption while connecting with public networks.

Most of the time you will never know that a hacker has already hacked in your system and is stealing your precious files and confidential data, as they are professionals and stealthy, therefore the need of VPN for secure connection especially on public networks.

Following are some of the reasons why you need VPN for secure internet:

To avoid hackers on Public network:

One of the best things about VPN is that it absolutely protects you over public Wi-Fi networks from every kind of hackers and spammers, and this is because it encapsulates your IP address and protects your identification, hence allowing you to browse safely over the internet and without any kind of trouble and in the best possible manner.

Does not affect internet speed:

A great number of people believe that when one connects via any of the VPN services, it dynamically reduces their speed and it takes a whole lot of time to access different pages, and this thing is somewhat true. However if you choose to go with a faster and best VPN service, you will be assured that you won’t get any issues on your internet speed.

Allows you to access all websites:

Besides just protecting your privacy over the internet, it would also allow you to access any of the desired site you want and without any trouble, as all the good VPN service providers have a good number of servers all around the world, which makes sure that you will access all the website you want and without any trouble in the best possible manner. More servers also mean that you won’t face issues like server down time etc.

Can be used on multiple devices:

Besides just using it on your personal computer, you can also use a similar VPN service over iPhone, Android, iPad, iTouch, Mac etc. hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner. Some VPN services also allows you to use similar VPN service over multiple devices in a single time frame hence allowing it to be most perfect deal when it comes to using it for offices or in homes over multiple devices at a time.

Cost effective subscription:

Another best thing about VPN is that you can find the services in every possible price. However you can surely find a huge difference in services provided. Besides that, VPN offers you with a variety of packages to choose from, so that you would only be paying for the services and features that you really need!