Streamaxia OpenSDK 3.0

For iOS and Android App Developers

Add HD and semi low-latency live streaming & broadcasting capabilities to your app! Open broadcast – you are free to use any RTMP server and CDN out there. Drag, Drop & Go Live!

OpenSDK 3.0 for iOS OpenSDK 3.0 for Android

opensdk 3.0 mobile preview

Fast Integration

Integrate live video streaming capabilities into your iOS and Android device apps with minutes. Drag, Drop & Go Live!

Open Tools

You are free to use any CDN, RTMP Media Server or proprietary servers. Broadcast to all channels right away!

Branded Streaming Apps

Have your own open source mobile broadcasting app within days!

We whitelabel and tweak our reliable BroadcastMe app to fit your needs in the shortest time possible.”

Professional Streaming Solutions

Feel confident with your streaming solution; Broadcast to one or millions, we have the right tools for you to start and scale.

Freedom to Stream

Create and share moments live from your phone, laptop or tablet. Broadcast HD-quality events from any location to any screen in real time.

Best in Class

We have been live video streaming experts since 2008. If you need custom integration or streaming support, we are here to help.

Explore ways how Streamaxia can help you


Drag & Drop! That’s all it takes to add live streaming features to your iOS and Android apps.

You focus on your killer app, while we provide the boring low-level video processing and transmission layer.


Create innovative campaigns by leveraging tailor-made live streaming mobile applications to engage your clients,  and go viral through live social media and more!


Integrate powerful live video streaming into your Enterprise Apps and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Empower your employees and clients with live video streaming.

Media Companies

Employ guerilla and citizen journalism techniques through live streaming from the scene, directly from your reporters’ mobile devices! Distribute live and unfiltered footage through social media platforms or your own network.

CDN & Hosting Providers

Offer your users custom-branded apps that leverage your existing network.


Drive more sales through product placement in viral live video campaigns.

Use the latest live streaming technology to broadcast directly to social networks or through your CDN to integrate with ad servers.

BroadcastMe developer edition mobile preview

Broadcast Me Whitelabel Video Streaming Mobile App

Create your very own video broadcasting mobile application based on BroadcastMe Developer Edition. Cut the cost of developing an app from scratch by just applying your graphics and UX to our existing solution!

BroadcastMe Developer Edition is designed by Streamaxia to be used by mobile app developers and digital media experts as is, and it is available for private label for your brand.

This app gives you the ability to broadcast live video and audio from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices to any server that supports RTMP publishing of H.264/AAC streams.