Wireless and mobile applications development has become more innovative over the past years. It developed beyond the trend of today’s wireless web application for consumer to actuality of high tech mobile applications made for corporate user. Opportunities flourish for making new wireless and mobile applications that offers important benefits to business. Sampling of benefits may include:

  • Reduced processing cost
  • Increased workers productivity
  • Competitive advantage
  • Heightened accuracy

In contrary, the concern which develops mobile / wireless applications would involve several new technologies as well as concepts that most corporate developers learn to use until today.

Mobile Location for the Wireless Applications

Turning your mobile phones in wireless routers are good means to benefits from high speed connections provided by mobile carriers. With regards to the application of host computers to share mobile connections wirelessly, somebody can turn to a location with cell signal in Wi-Fi hotspot. Most of the major mobile carriers provides high pace data service, thus having unlimited data plans and phone competent of securing are just the main requirements. Turning the mobile phone in wireless application needs ad hoc use wireless networks that require single computer designed to host. 

Steps to Turn Mobile to Wireless Application/ Router

  • Connect the phone to pc. Most instances, the mobile phone connect the host pc through USB cord. Also, it is possible to set up data connections through Bluetooth personal network, though this transfer speed is slow that can also slow the whole network.
  • Launch the online sharing applications. Open online sharing applications in your mobile phone. Windows mobile phone, the programs are located under Start Menu, plus phones it’s listed along side application.
  • Start the connections. The net sharing applications press Connect soft buttons in your phone uses this as Internet Connections. Once the phone screens indicate it’s connected in the computer, open web browser then messaging applications and verify network connections.
  • Setup host computers for internet sharing’s. Open control panels and hit Network Connection. Then, choose your wireless networks connection and hit on Choose Properties, last options in pop up windows. In next dialog, choose Wireless Network tabs and choose Add under Preferred network section.
  • Give name SSID the networks and choose types of data encryptions to keep the network secure. In the bottom window, choose it as the computer adhoc network, or wireless access point is not used. It will design the computers as host for adhoc network. Then press OK so as to save the changes made then close Control Panel.

Setup Client Computer

The client computer is computer that links to host that is use to internet connections. In each hosts computer, try to open Control Panel then choose the View Available Wireless Network. Choose network name you made in step 4. Then, you’ll be asked of inputting the password of the network. The process could be done for every computer you like to link in the adhoc wireless network.

Check the connectivity. In every customer computers, open the web browser then ensure that the server connections are active.

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