Medical Nursing Scrubs: Then and Now

In the earlier days, there were no specific rules that made uniforms for nurses mandatory. It was only during the Crimean War that the tables were turned. Uniforms for nurses gained importance and eventually, wearing one was absolutely essential. Initially, the designs of uniforms for the nurses were a tad too rigid. It involved wearing a full length dress coloured in darker shades of gray. This look was complete with a white apron. As time passed and trends in fashion emerged, the uniforms for a nurse changes dramatically. There was a time when a nurse had to wear a white dress with hose. The discomfort that rose with this type of uniform eventually led to more changes until finally all the medical institutions all over the world settled for comfortable yet stylish scrubs.

When working in a medical institution like a hospital, comfort is of prime importance and this factor cannot be overlooked in any way. Scrubs fit the description aptly and with the availability of Medical Discount Scrubs, dressing up for work has become easier. When one thinks of medical scrubs, a common thought that may cross their minds is the stodgy appearance of a scrub. However, these scrubs have managed to join hands with the latest trends in fashion to come up with scrubs in a variety of colours, sizes, cuts and designs.

1. Appearance:

Initially, scrubs were available in only one colour – white. The colour white emanated peace and purity and instilled a sense of calm not only among the patients but in the medical centre as a whole. However, as time passed by, people realized that being practical was more important. White colour had greater risks of getting soiled and stained lending a dull, stodgy appearance to the entire attire. Eventually, scrubs were introduced in a blast of colours and designs. Brightly coloured scrubs can offer a touch of positivity in the otherwise negative environment. There are also scrubs with quirky designs and cartoons printed on them. These scrubs work wonders especially in the paediatric centre where little kids can relax and not look at hospitals and medical centres as scary places.

2. Functions:

Scrubs are extremely comfortable and they do not come in the way of your work. Scrubs are available with pockets and other such features that can make your job much simpler. When in a medical centre, the need for emergency can arise at any given time. It is at such times that scrubs provide immense amount of comfort. However, choosing a scrub that fits you well is extremely crucial.

3. Comfort:

Scrubs provide comfort in the sense that they allow free movement without getting in the way of your work. These Medical Discount Scrubs are also stylish. However, the material of the scrubs is extremely important. If you choose a material that does not suit a medical environment, you may have a tough time dealing with it. It is; therefore, wise to choose scrubs which are made from cotton for maximum comfort. All the same, you can even choose materials that are a mix of polyester and cotton. The main reason for this is the fact that these materials help to soak up all the different odours that float in a medical environment.

Scrubs are available in a variety of designs, colours and sizes. It solely depends upon you and your choices. There are also scrubs that are available in various price ranges. Traditional scrubs come at a far cheaper price with simpler designs and limited options. On the other hand, collection brand scrubs will leave you spoilt for choice with their limitless collection.

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